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Thread Contributor: BlackCadejoOur Discord Link (Official)
Hello all,

If any of you are having any troubles, please join our discord link for help. Official Discord Group

This group will mainly be for Support and Discussion.

Thanks guys,


Hello friends, as you all know, the botnet and ddos that we talk about in the internet sector are very big.

With 500gbit power, I serve you in the form of a rental that can be purchased in full size.
Enjoyment is forbidden.

What are botnet and ddos?

can turn off websites and game servers,
you can hit your site with botnet,
You can increase your competitor's ads to high balances with botnet,
falling from google by doing anti-seo,
can be ranked high on google,

and you can keep your target site closed for days.

You can have both ddos and botnet to be divided into two as botnet and ddos for sale and rent.

Satin is also valid ...

Contact Telegram: @hackervivre



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