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Thread Contributor: SickSkillsVPN in Touch + Pless + Capture
Yessir, made this the other night.
Guess I'll give it out to my friends here first!

API + Pless + Capture

Bots: 5
Proxies: None as of 10/10/15
Capture: Premium, Subscription, Type of Subscription, And Time Remaining.
Combo: Email/pass

Capture must look like this:

Is Premium: 1
Account Type: Premium
Recurring Payment: 1
Plan: Monthly
Traffic: Unlimited
Remaining Time:  23 Days 21 Hours

Time cannot be unlimited, or it is a dud account, and is premium must be 1 along with account type Premium.
Recurring payment 0 = no recurring payment. Traffic can be done in either unlimited or by data. data accounts are usually good.

[Image: rjtPswW.png?1]

No hits, but it's working! Wink

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[Image: F6TfCGr.png]
thank you fr shariing
thank you fr shariing
thanx alot mate
thanks for share

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