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Thread Contributor: + Capture + SemiProxyless
GoWallet Config is vey nice, use at your own risk.

Bots: 5-20
Proxies: Yes SSL Sort of proxyless (Read Below)
Combo: Email

Capture: Account balance, and balance on each card.

[Image: uwLIBmB.png]
[Image: rzuTp6d.png]

Also must have US ip's/vpn's. This is sort of proxyless, you can get 2 or 3k maybe on one IP, maybe more depends on how many people using that IP.
Proxyless, no more than 20 bots. Higher could mean faster rate of your ip getting banned. I think api perma bans IP's now, was having trouble with it before so just went straight with my checker. and now it is faster than api.
If any errors, use different ip... Usually

Don't over bot it please, all it takes is a captcha to screw this thing all up.

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Say thanks!
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