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Thread Contributor: SickSkillsHow to Post Sentry MBA Configs: READ FIRST
Please follow these steps so we can keep this section clean.

Use hide tags to keep leechers from just stealing our configs.
Should look like so:

You can use the button here:
[Image: 95e047fca54d4a49a0568c0a87cb3209.png]

or type like so.

[Image: 649e3e3bf5484a1fbdaceb96bd4ca497.png]
  • Sometimes if you don't put it in the code tags the url will be messed up.
In title, ONLY put site url like so: ( ) if it has capture like this: ( + Capture)
if it is proxyless ( + Proxyless + Capture )
Nothing more is needed. It just looks trashy if you are putting random shit in the title.

Check your config before posting and show proof. Use Imgur or similar to upload.

Please give some information about the config like so:

Combo type: (Whether it's email:pass Combo or user:pass Combos or both)
Proxyless or not (ssl or general proxies are good)
Bots: (How Many Bots to Use.)
Capture: (If applicable, what does it capture)

and pictures of proof it's working.

This will help to keep this section looking clean and good.

[Image: F6TfCGr.png]

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