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Thread Contributor: BlackCadejoAntiDetect 7 R1 7.1 CRACKED with Pre-Made Configs!
thank you for sahre
Big Grin 
(11-03-2017, 10:26 AM)BlackCadejo Wrote: AntiDetect 7的最新版本与CONFIGS全力侦破。带到这里coverthacks!


所以,你可以在Windows XP / 7/8,苹果,Android或苹果:火狐,IE浏览器,歌剧,Safari ..无论你只需点击几下1分钟要离开。

Antidetect 7.1

Antidetect -世界上最安全的浏览器。

$ 399

我们的新品牌产品,在去年创建,基于与客户的所有我们许多年的工作。该工具的可能性会非常广泛,它正变得比以往任何时候都更加强大!之前我们刚刚只是一个内置的设置,改善您的网上冲浪匿名创建浏览器。一种新产品 - 它不仅是一个浏览器。它是在船上许多浏览器全包加密引擎。而这些浏览器,你可以有许多闪光的版本,安装在飞,而你运行的浏览器配置。此外,您还可以antidetect引擎添加到您选择的任何浏览器和配置所有的JavaScript数据。你可以购买我们的configshop CONFIGS(从实际PC和移动设备每天抓住它),在antidetect容易插入,每个配置可以包含数千个参数,头,JavaScript对象特定于浏览器和平台,字体,闪存配置!最后,你可以在任何机器上的移动浏览器生成无需任何硬件的关键!感兴趣吗?这仅仅是只有新功能小部分!

[Image: 1479759472_ad71.png]


随着Antidetect你可以改变你的HTTP标头; JavaScript对象:全替换画面的*,导航*,插件*,* MIMETYPES,模仿的许多功能,如WebRTCPeerConnection(),电池(),地理定位和许多其他许多人;。。闪存数据,如语言,屏幕尺寸,操作系统名称,闪光字体; CSS字体。它在安全领域有很大的人工因此,即使新手也可以开始使用该产品。



-新插件控制面板(非常有用!),你可以看到有短配置简单,更改飞的WebRTC IP,启用IP改变监控

Cryptcontainer现在包含来自41 Firefox的版本,以50


Antidetect 7月

为Antidetect 7,但1个月不变。

价格为$ 99




Thank you, you are a good man.
thanks you so much,ill try this
Nice share, wonder if it's clean.
lets try to see
wow gg dude been looking for this for a while
nice one  Dodgy
(11-03-2017, 10:26 AM)BlackCadejo Wrote: The latest release of AntiDetect 7 fully cracked with the configs. Brought here to coverthacks!

With the FFTools Antidetect you can change your OS version, browser type and version, screen resolution, system language, OS architecture and many other parameters as you want and need.

So, you can be Windows XP/7/8, Macintosh, Android, or Apple: Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari.. whatever you want in just a few clicks and 1 minute away.

Antidetect 7.1

Antidetect - The world's most secure browser.

is $399

our new brand product, created during last year and based on all our many-year work with customers. Possibilities of this tool going extremely wider and it is becoming more powerful than ever was! Before we had just only one browser with built-in settings, created for improve your anonymity on web surfing. A new product - it is not only one browser. It is all-inclusive encrypted engine with many browsers on board. And each of these browsers you can configure with many flash versions, installed on-fly while you run browser. Also, you can add antidetect engine to any browser you choose and configure all javascript data. You can buy configs at our configshop (grabbing it from real PC & mobile devices each day) and insert it in antidetect easily, each config can contain thousands of parameters, headers, javascript objects specific to browser and platform, fonts, flash config! At the end, you can move your generated browser on any machine without any hardware key! Interested ? It is just only small part of new features!

[Image: 1479759472_ad71.png]

Browser Fingerprint Beating

With Antidetect you can change your http headers; javascript objects: full replacement of screen.*, navigator.*, plugins.*, mimeTypes.*, imitation of many functions like WebRTCPeerConnection(), battery(), geoLocation and many many others; flash data like language, screen dimensions, OS name, flash fonts; CSS Fonts. It have great manual so even novice in security world can start to use the product.

On main window of program you can control your cryptcontainer, choose which browser you want to use as base. After this you need to decide, do you want to use antidetect or not. If yes, you should also have some configs to work with.
Config - it is a set of javascript files, grabbed with a special method from real browser. We have special configshop and everyday update it with quality traffic.

We have new important changes.

Addon changes:
- recoded javascript overrider engine
- improved time of work
- changed main function of software, really Smile
- new addon control panel (very useful!!), you can see there short config brief, change webRTC ip on-fly, enable ip changing monitoring
- collection of detect to test your config

Cryptcontainer now contain firefox versions from 41 to 50.

Not enough ? Contact our support in ticket system to know more about private solutions.

Antidetect 7 Monthly

Same as Antidetect 7 but for 1 month.

Price is $99

Today for you, it's completely free!


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Looks awesome and improved cant wait to test it.

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