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Thread Contributor: BlackCadejoCustom Coded Crackers / Brute Force Programs + Source (C#)

Coding Private Brutes for ANY SITE JUST ASK | Selling Copy of finished product
(You can watch it being compiled so you don't claim binded) and/Or the source to that project.

Also can sell the Brute source itself to be pre-configured by steps to work with any site same way. LANG C# OR C++ (Optional)

Brutes we have coded:
Starbucks (Not finished still working on a certain part)
Dunkin Donuts (Doing it soon)
Financial Institutions (Pm me)
And a few others I can't remember.

How We take payment: Non-trusted = Full Payment, then our team can start. Semi-trusted = half upfront, half after we show you fully working via video or teamviewer. Once the app has been completed. We will show provided Proof of program in the functioning state agreed upon in the terms. Full Payment must be made before you receive the program/source. ONLY TAKING BTC at the Moment. (Paypal for select few) If the program requires a few days to make, we may ask for half payment up front. (We've worked on plenty of programs and the buyer not follow through when completed. We won't dedicate our time if you can't dedicate a little to the funding, ***in the case that it will take awhile to code.)

Can code brutes for sites with IMAGE/Re-Capture v1/v2("Are you Human" box type Captures Any of them) Google's Recaptcha is supported also.

Project Time-frame: Projects usually take 1-Hours(Most Likely) - 2-days (If Complex)

We really don't want to spend time on less than like $60 for the program, but... Depending on the site, the price will vary. Shoot me a message with full details, links to the site. What kind of capture, if any, you are wanting. Just keep in mind each feature will, unfortunately, raise the price and time we are putting in.
Source will be a minimum of $200. (Will vary)

Contact Information:
DataDecimal (Lead Designer / Programmer / Tech Support)
Black Cadejo (Sales/Support)
Crank (Programmer / Sales / Tech Support )
Discord: Crank#1431

I can show a few screenshots via PM or skype. I'm willing to give copies of our Netflix brute out as a proof of successful working program.

Netflix Example:
[Image: hdrZNFYARCu8LlPOSsHVwQ.png]
Download it here!:
Your brute will generally look like the netflix brute. If you want a different design let us know. We can create you an elegant gui.
Our aims are quality, stability, and precision.

Another Brute we made:
[Image: 5R8U_hH3QzWR2l7gmZC0TA.png]

And another:
[Image: ZDxnlSQsQ1Gsp4WkM1oAVg.png]

Sams Club:
[Image: NovO1UDnQGCqv8RXo5htOQ.png]

Shoot me a message let's talk business.
still offering this service. Please PM me here.

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