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Thread Contributor: BlackCadejoYouTube BOT - Comment mass – Upvote - Acc checker | OptiBots 5.0.2
I'll try it ... thanks
thanks glad it works
izi pizi lemon squeezi
(07-01-2017, 06:27 PM)BlackCadejo Wrote: ► ► YTBOT - Comment Like – Get On Top Comment Section - Dominate Youtube

Perfect Youtube comment rater

[Image: 4da94f5364a232720fbb5469868dc338.png]

OptiBOTS is all in one youtube bot that can be used to dominate youtube. Sky rocket your earning by use of this simple user friendly software. Comment and rate it to top position and flood visitor to your money site.

Unlimited Accounts: There is no limit for management of accounts. You can use unlimited number of accounts.

Browser Simulation: This bot use Gecko Fx so that there is less or no chance of youtube detecting you are using any kind of bot.

Proxy Support: You can use proxies with your accounts. You can even bound specific useragent to specific account so that it looks natural to youtube that you are a real user.

Spintax supported: Use spintax comments so there is less chance of comment being ghosted.

1) Video commenter: Comment on as many youtube videos as you want.

-Inbuilt Video Scraper: Input your keywords and bot will scrape first page of youtube for that particular keywords. You can extract them and use them to comment module.

-Reply To Top Comments: If you check this option then bot will try to reply on top comment of that particular video link.

-Respond To Comments: This feature will allow you to reply to specific comment.

-Extract Comment Links: Once commenting is completed then you can extract all the comment links for future reference. Import these links to comment ratter for ranking them to top.

2) Comment Ratter: Give likes to your comments and make them to top position

-Random Replies: If you check this option then bot will try to randomly try to post replies on your comments as well. Not all accounts which give likes to comment will reply but few will do that so it is more natural to youtube.

-Wait Between Each Action: If this option is set to true then BOT will wait for some time on each video before doing requested action. This will help botting in higher quality. Your accounts look more natural.

4) Video Liker: Provide likes to youtube videos using your accounts.

-Channel Creator: If your account doesn't have a channel then BOT can auto create channel and extract channel link. If account has channel then this will only extract channel url.

6) Custom Browse: If you ever want to login to account and do stuffs manually like changing profile picture and password then this will be handy. Main benefit of this feature is that you can manually verify accounts that are throwing some error after checking with account manager.


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►► F.A.C !
Quote: Wrote:The software connect to the account but it does not go on the videos for commented

Verify that your links in the txt file do not have a empty line, and remove them and restart the software, also make sure you put a number of comments per account on the software ! (5 recommanded)

The software does not even connect to the account and on youtube it is not connected either!

First make sure you accounts work.. also check your account are have been used this format in text file: email,password,email-recovery

Official version

is it work ?

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