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Thread Contributor: hacxxHacxx Anonymous Torrent Search V2 - Your best choice to anonymously find torrents
[Image: THUSHOD.jpg]

Hacxx Anonymous Torrent Search V2 is a simple search engine that searches in popular torrent sites for your favorite torrents. The reason why Hacxx Anonymous Torrent Search was created was to bypass domain blocking from anti piracy filters and still give you access to the magnet file or torrent.

Hacxx Anonymous Torrent Search V2 doesn't break any law, the only thing that it does is give you access to the content. The search engine asks for a title and perform a search. After retrieving the results it will encapsulate the link with a proxy or to get directly. Also due to the nature of BitTorrent, Hacxx Anonymous Torrent Search V2 will not proxify the download or upload. (For this use a VPN like ZenMate -

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