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Thread Contributor: newbwGr3eNoX Exploit Scanner V.7.0 New 2019
[Image: Screenshot_50.png]

In this instructional exercise I will clarify well ordered how to utilize the SQL program Gr3eNoX Misuse Scanner V1.1

Above all else you need to go download the program, i don't generally recall where i introduced it, so i will toss it up on another download interface.

1) Go download at

2) Time to set it up, setting the program up is truly simple and quick.

Its an extremely noob well disposed program, as Havij, acunetix, and numerous other SQL - SQLI apparatuses.

- So gives set it a chance to up.

Approve when you have introduced the program you will only beside right tap on it to times and the program will open.

Your program ought to resemble this:

Affirm now you have introduced the program.

- Now you should set it up.

In the crate called "Dork:"

- You should put in a SQL Dork

Here you have a connection with numerous dorks.

Simply pick one of these dorks and duplicate glue one in the case.

Presently hit the catch "Pursuit".

What's more, your program will now start discovering site that can be helpless.

Yes sites that " CAN " be defenseless.

Becuase of that we have to one all the more thing.

At the point when the program complete checked the dork.

At that point you have to snap "Begin" and after that your program will start scaning which one of the sites that is defenseless for SQL.

Presently you got sites you can examine!

In the event that individuals simply perusing the tuts, and utilizing the projects, without think about im investing energy in this.

At that point i will quit doing strings for the future, and i have a considerable measure of well done. So that would basically be a disgrace.

If it's not too much trouble answer :- )

Link download :
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Want to see hidden content and test that tool

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