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Thread Contributor: BlackCadejo[Cracked] Blackbullet 2.1.6 | New BruteForce Program for cracking any site

DISCLAIMER: If the feature you requested is not in this patch please DO NOT come complain to me, I will come to it eventually,
just understand I prefer to make smaller patches more often instead of a big one with all the features in it.

NOTE: In patch 2.1.0 the config format was changed, your Configs list will be purged and you need to convert your old .ini configs
into .bbc using the converter in Configs --> Conversion. You can do it in bulk too. For encrypted configs, ask your seller for a new one.

- [Bugfix] Hits in bruteforcer are flickering way less often
- [Bugfix] CPM won't go to zero randomly anymore

- [Bugfix] Can't create a config with no path anymore
- [Wording] Changed "Delete All" to "Purge" to avoid confusion

You won't able to load ini config into this version of blackbullet because they developer changed the format to .bbc

However we included a converter that can convert .ini configs into .bbc

You won't able to load any configs made from legit version of blackbullet because they are already encrypted and the decryption keys are stored on their server. You can however share Blackbullet configs which are made from cracked version with others who has the cracked version aswell!

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