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Thread Contributor: CrankSQLi Dumper v8.0 Works and Clean
Would be nice to try this out, I hope this is working for me.
Thanks for sharing
(10-22-2016, 08:26 PM)SickSkills Wrote: Alright guys, here is, I'm pretty sure the newest version of SQLi Dumper.
If anyone says they have 9, pretty positive it isn't a released version. Just a edited version for a different search engine to use inside.
This one hits all the main search engines and some off the wall ones. So no need for anything different.

[Hidden by Hide Mod]

[Image: b4a003b079ec4f8fa9310f5f50782b0a.png]

[Image: 8f01e94dbb254ebeb358cc8083c763b9.png]

[Image: 908ea0bb3dae4368b0ba45be37d3bc77.png]

Sorry I removed all the good information. I use this program pretty often.

100% clean. Tested on multiple VM's and sandboxies.
Ran through Malwr sandboxie also. Looks good to me.
Use at your own risk regardless.

If you need help with anything like dorks, check out some of my other threads.

Thanks!! hope its really clean Smile

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