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xnet improved | C# | proxy | multithreaded |checkers
Hello people!!!

I have a new addition to the xNET library, a supposedly improved version to the the previous such C# library. Here is what is changed:
  • Some small methods that wouldnt typically be used or were un-necessary has been removed.

  • Russian text translated to English while retaining proper summary format.

  • Some code's layout improved and reduced in not only line size but character count.

  • Slimmed down code, removed useless stuff like using Resources/Settings to store around 100 exception messages (like wtf).

  • Removed Chain Proxy Type (Its useless unfinished code and no one uses it)

  • Removed Socks4a Proxy Type (No one uses it)

  • Removed the HTTPProxyClient.cs, Socks4ProxyClient.cs and Socks5ProxyClient.cs and merged it into one file with almost no overrides. (less files, less code, less filesize, but more speed!)

The person doing this has a quite famous checker business under his name, PRAGMA, and the checker being SNIPR.
So to all of you who want me to just shut up and be shown the code, you can find it here:

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thank you my friend

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