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Thread Contributor: hacxxMake money installing and using Brave Browser
[Image: 3woo5ks.jpg]

Brave Browser is the latest browser to use if you want to make money with your computer. It takes only the user to install the browser and surf online to get rewarded. This rewards are in BAT which is Brave own cryptocurrency that replace ads in Brave Browser and pay both the webmaster and the user.

BAT stands for Basic Attention Token and basically the name says it all, it rewards users for their attention and webmasters for their space. Additionally the user can directly donate to a webmaster.

To withdraw your BAT to cash is easy simply collect those BAT coins, withdraw to your UpHold account and then send your BAT to Coinbase where you can convert to any coin or withdraw to your bank.

Open you Coinbase Account

Download Brave Browser
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