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[Image: new-header-drk.png]
So the long-awaited last month of winter has come. And to make the onset of the end of winter still
more joyful moment, we decided to launch an action that you all loved so much.

GiveAway from Sockshub:

We give away 3 subscriptions for 1 month duration for absolutely ANY package (except of Exclusive) absolutely FREE.
Anyone can take part in the draw.

To do this, you need to fulfill a couple of simple conditions:

1. Be subscribed to our telegram Channel
2. Press the button to participate in the Contest post.

The winner will be determined by random numbers on March 2.
Do not miss the opportunity! Subscribe!

[Image: news-contact.png]
Telegram: @SocksHub
Icq: 711758324
[Image: WOLkke7.png]

We all know this feeling when an absolutely new thing falls into our hands. No scratches, no signs of use, perfect clean.
What a pleasure to use this thing.

And a special pleasure when this comes across to us in work. Who, if not you, knows how profitable and pleasant it is to work
with clean proxies that had not been used for any projects before.

We know how much you love this, and especially for you, we are launching a series of Super packages that were not in use before.

Today we provide the most popular pack.

Mix super

4 Brand New Pools.
7000 ports to connect.
40,000 online.
300 threads (expandable)

Price: 200 week, 700 month.

Hurry up to be the first. The offer is limited.
[Image: 45zYVEH.png]
Good news everyone!

We glad to reveal for your attention new pack from Sockshub.
If your project needs new clean proxies from Ru zone - you better to check this offer.

Russia Super

3 New Fresh Pools
6.000 ports in each
50.000 online in pools
300 threads limit

Hurry up! Leave first step

Telegram: @SocksHub
Icq: 711758324
[Image: 6A2Zr3y.png]


I think everyone already knows about the situation in the world. We hope you stay at home, in save enviroment.
Each of us has a unique opportunity to become a superhero and save the world. And to make it happen
you just need to sit at home for a little bit.

We understand that now many sectors of the business are goes through hard times and are at risks.
We do not stand aside, and also want to help you - save your business and reduce your costs.

Starting April 1st, we provide a 20% discount on ALL packages (except exclusive) for all our users.
To receive a discount, please contact our support team.

Be save. Stay home.

Telegram: @SocksHub
Icq: 711758324
[Image: new-header-drk.png]

Hello everyone.

I think today we can keep message short, because you already know what its mean.
GiveAway from Sockshub.

The conditions are still simple.
1. Join our telegram channel
2. Click the Participate button under the last post.

This time we have 2 rewards:

1. Month of subscription to any package + 30% lifetime discount on all packages (Not valid for exclusive)
2. Month of subscription to any package

The winner will be determined on May 15 at 18.00 UTC

[Image: news-contact.png]
Telegram: @SocksHub
Icq: 711758324
[Image: new-header-drk.png]
Hello everyone.

Today we want to remind all users of this forum about the promotions that are currently taking place.

1. As long as the pandemic continues, SocksHub offers a 20% discount on all packages (except for the exclusive)
We hope this will helps you to save the budget and increase the profit of your projects. Health to you and your loved ones!

2. There is very little time left until the Giveaway promotion ends. On May 15, 2 winners will be determined among all participants.
Let me remind you that this time we have 2 prizes.

1. Month of subscription + 30% lifetime discount.
2. Month of subscription to any package.

Does not apply to Exclusive packages.

Hurry up to take part. This is very easy to do:

1. Join our telegram channel
2. Press the button to participate under the last post.

Have a nice day!

Telegram: @SocksHub
Icq: 711758324
[Image: Black-Friday.png]
A new week has come. This means that the new Black Friday round from SocksHub has come.

We noticed that most of the services, during various events, give discounts on a limited number of goods.
And what about those whose needs go beyond the scope of the action? The promotion is on, profit is off.
Well, we've found a solution to this problem.

Within a week, top up of the account's balance on our service, everyone will receive + 50% to the top up amount.
There are no restrictions on packages or spending of these funds. We hope this will help you save money,
and purchase exactly the package that best suits your projects.

The promotion will last until next Tuesday (11/17/2020) inclusive.
To receive a bonus, you need to contact our supports, top up your balance and tell them the secret phrase "Psss, I want a bonus"
Isn't it extremely simple?

Good luck in job.

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