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Thread Contributor: BlackCadejo[Official] CovertHacks Proxy Scraper & Checker By: Team Notorious
thanks for sharing
Appreciate this a lot <3
thank you bro for sharing
Hello everyone just updated link, realised it was down, just pm me if links are down.
If someone else reauploads please pm to add reupload link.
Always support site tools thank you guys]
Wow ive been looking everywhere for a good proxy scraper, thanks Smile
(11-12-2016, 06:37 AM)BlackCadejo Wrote: Hello everyone, here to release an OFFICIAL CovertHacks tool.
Simple in style but great in Scraping and Checking proxies
CovertHacks Proxy Scraper


[Image: fa2da6983a5e4694932e533b32af4cdb.png]

[Image: 8ae34f9895e54daea0178dfcfe185799.png]

What does it do?

Well you add links to sites that have proxy lists on them like hidemyass etc..
This is not mandatory, we host a list here at which is already put into the program for you once you click start. You can just add others from the edit menu option.
[Image: 83bc761bb561433aaeaeb4a9a0b4107b.png]
And it will scrape all proxies on that site. It will automatically check them after scraping. It also will tell you if they are high or low anonymity level.

None = It doesn't mask you ip. duh.
Low = Shows that it is a proxy in headers. (Not necessarily a bad thing)
High = Shows nothing in headers that pertains to proxies. (Basically Elite proxies / socks)

So once checked they are automatically put in /Out/proxies.txt

You can Also click edit > Report to show a simple report of all Proxies that are in specific ranks.
[Image: c89cccd68ed14c479b19b86631cf01ca.png]
Also able to change to bbcode for forum posts for those of you who want to submit some for other members.

Alright guys, and here you are. the download link

Updated link 9/11/2017
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thanks Smile

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